Back world tomboy Alba "Al" Domici trains to be a somebody; the Sangrean games are coming soon. She just has to survive thugs, wearing a dress, mutiny, tough coaches, and weird prophecies from the Mad Knitter. Or she can stay a nobody.

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Thirteen year old Gray is the best rider and fencer on her team. The garden planet Garradh hosts their next competition but Gray must step aboard the ship that almost killed her. Tomboy Al flunked zero gravity sword-fighting. She desperately wants to pressure seal her feelings and kick them into deep space.

No one expected pirates.

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Firster Academy: NavakSen

Academic over-achiever Dede McKenna needs the girl that barely made it into Firster Academy; can their friendship survive bullies, boys, and felonies?

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Firster Academy: Guardian

Everyone on the planet praises and respects Tinny's parents. She loves them, but wants her own life. Her own choices. Her own friends.

A series of bad choices lead her down a dark and destructive path; will her new friends save her?


Al is a Firster adult, a Clan warrior. She feels like an empty shell; a fraud and a failure. Al leaves the academy and joins the Marines, but can the taint of her past be outrun?


Rebels capture her dad and destroy everything Al holds dear; she has nothing left. Nothing but a prophecy she hates and a willingness to make them pay for what they have done.

The Domici War novels are easy reading level science-fiction Coming of Age stories with a Christian Warrior ethos.

The characters struggle with their imperfections and the challenges of an unknowable future.

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